Memorial Weekend Recharge

Boy, did I need that. After a pretty physical week at my day job, doing construction demo, the long weekend began Friday night with preparations for Saturday’s four hour market show, the usual household chores, dinner, and family time. Saturday was largely driving, music, and bbq time, all things I enjoy. Sunday though, now that was a recharge day.

My daughter asked if we could go canoeing. Now, I’m a water addict. I grew up on sailboats, built one of my own about a decade back (out of really cheap materials), and after seven years of fun on the water, it eventually rotted away and became scrap. I’ve been longing for time on the water, and jumped at the chance. After an hour paddling around in a rental on a local lake, I stumbled upon a regular jam session and was handed a guitar for a bit, and had a nice time meeting some new folks. I was reminded that my daddy time wasn’t over though, and quickly got back to the task at hand… getting my daughter’s rod and tackle box out of the car. Another hour spent watching her cast and retrieve her lure, listening to the water, the wildlife, and the blues rolling over the water, and it was time to head back for more bbq time.

Monday was spent at a group picnic, watching my daughter catch tadpoles, munching on some great food, and meeting some folks. I had a guitar in tow, and it led the way to some great conversation about music, and a possible future jam session.

Here I am, Tuesday morning, and the work’s about to begin. Somehow, I don’t mind it as much as last Monday. I’ve had the recharge I needed, spent time with family, friends, and met some new and interesting people. I’ve floated on the water, felt the breezes, and lifted my spirits for a while longer.

I am thankful that we honor those who have fallen that we may have times like these in our lives. It’s never enough to repay that kind of sacrifice, but for this, I am truly thankful. I hope you all had an equally good or better Memorial Day weekend, and that you’re ready to face the week.

If you’re online this Friday, you might be interested in knowing that my son and I will be performing on’s Razor Ray and Dani Cakes show some time during their 7-8 pm hour. There’s an app for it on their website, and I believe that you can stream right from their site as well.

Have a great week!


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