Preparations and reparations

FAWM’s come and gone, gigging season is under way, and new songwriting challenges are about to begin.  With that in mind, my “relaxing father’s day weekend” was largely about work around the house.  Two projects were the main focus.  First, my wife’s been suffering from asthma and allergies for a while, and they just kept getting worse, so our carpet had to go.  Second, my laptop has been long overdue for a reload, and had reached the point where it was too unstable to record any longer.

Backing up half a terabyte of information, wiping the drive and then doing all the accursed updates before reinstalling my DAW and extra components was an all weekend task, and the carpet had to be done in stages, in order to avoid making Dawn sick with the dust.

Good thing it was Father’s Day weekend, so I had help.  🙂  I had already checked, and it’s a hardwood floor underneath, rather than ply or osb, so, while it’s certainly not pretty, it’s functional until I can get Dawn out of the house so I can sand, fill, stain and seal it all.

Partially removed carpet

Normally, I’ve been trying to do my recording in the basement, and family band rehearsals in the living room.  As a side effect of pulling up the carpet and pad, the basement now receives way too much floor creaking noise when people or the dog walk across it.  With a minor furniture rearrange, the living room now serves as mission control for both recording and rehearsing, without looking like a cluttered mess.

My kids both helped out with the carpet, pad, and staple removal, along with disposing of the nail strips, and Devon was a big help with moving furniture around repeatedly in order to get access to the carpet.

We still had plenty of grill time, and listened to several episodes of a cool podcast about Nightvale, and the kids went out with friends.  The only real cloud over the weekend was a shattered storm door, the result of our lawnmower catching a stone and launching it.  18″ either side and it would have hit brick.  Ah well, nobody was hurt, and the cleanup wasn’t that bad.

shattered glass storm door

Let the new week begin!

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