The Arts: It’s kind of like informal therapy.

One thing that struck me in the wake of the news of Robin Williams death was how many artistic types took to their craft of choice to cope in their own way. Poetry, songs, caricatures, sketches, graphic design, meme creation and oh so much more. Within just the 50/90 challenge community, 7 tribute songs were written, and another 6 concerning depression.

We all seem to reach for our tools of choice when life throws us a curve ball we’re not equipped to handle. Many of those who don’t have that direct outlet often reach for videos or music that makes them feel a certain way so that they can work through their emotions.

The arts may be undervalued and underappreciated, but I can’t think of anything else that can move people and take them on a journey, escaping the inner turmoil and helping them through the pain life sometimes provides, or recalls the joys of past triumphs.

Songs are a lot like mental photo albums. Toss on a song that was huge in highschool, sit back and remember friends, quirky fashion, events. As a song-writer, a lot of what I write is largely thereputic. What I see, what I hear or read about, what the world is becoming, and it’s my way of dealing with it. What does music and the arts in general mean to you?

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