Summer Season Winds Down

I don’t know about you, but I consider the summer concert season to begin when school lets out, and ends when the Marching Band competitions begin. No two summer runs are the same, but it’s my favorite time of year to perform. Outdoor shows, markets, jamming on the back deck, and the relief from hauling gear in the snow or mud. For me, it’s also a time when I am joined frequently by my kids. Having bass and percussion adds something to the music, and being able to spend time with my children, doing something we all love is priceless.

Once fall hits, I usually take a break from performing, beginning in October, so that I can do the dad thing, helping move props on and off the field for my sons Marching Band as they join numerous other kids in competition. By the time Band season’s done, it’s nearly time for Christmas (contrary to stores having decorations up since July), and all the holiday shows.

Right now, at this moment, I’m in the twilight of summer, with just one outdoor show remaining before the break. I’ll be fitting in as much bbq time and just kicking back, playing music for the sheer joy of it, and celebrating another successful season, and putting on my manager hat, booking for the 2015 season. Other down time plans this time around? A lot of recording. I’m way behind on album progress, and need to fix that, so that next year, there’s something to share with you, long after a concert has ended.

Happy fall everyone,


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