Saying farewell to 50/90

The clock’s winding down on the 2014 season of 50/90, (a songwriting challenge that runs July 4 – October 1) and once again, I’ve failed to complete the mission. That said, I’m left with several pieces of songs, possible future titles, something like 4 sets of lyrics that need music either finished or started, and about 28 fully playable new songs.

Three of those new songs are collaborations, which is new to me. All the connotative works were done via the Internet, both Nationally and Internationally, all without leaving my home. Just goes to show what an amazing time we’re living in.

Some might wonder about the point of writing under such a constraint. After all, they can’t all be hits, and trust me, some will never see a stage. However, the act of exercising my creativity makes it easier to get to work, and encourages me to try new things. I’m also exposed to some very creative people who are also participating, and by hearing what they’ve created, it widens my perspective to a truly global level. Different cultures, languages, key signatures, modes, time signatures and inspiration, in addition to the topics that others write about all adds to my creative pool of resources.

Oddly enough, I’m actually quite happy with the majority of this years creations, and once the good ones are polished and memorized, I’ll have really deepened the reservoir of songs I can perform live.

Between the 50/90, FAWM (14 songs in February), and other challenges, my writing is steadily improving. In truth, I’ve managed to become a little imbalanced, as an artist. My next few months will be spent strengthening my performance skills, while I continue to work on recording.

These challenges may not be for everyone, and they’re both draining and a lot of work, but if you are a songwriter or lyricist, it just might be what you need to push to the next level.

On to the next mission.

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