Holidays, Music, and Family

I’m lucky. I get to perform at various holiday shows throughout the month, but even more importantly, I get to be joined by my Son. Devon is turning 18 in a few short weeks, and often plays bass for me. For the holiday shows, he is also bringing his trumpet, for some really special memory making.

I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve associated this time of year with music and family. A few years back, I performed at a nursing home, and had some of the most special moments ever. The Alzheimers patients came alive, and spent an hour singing along, and able to engage for just a little while.

New songs come along, and I’ve written some holiday music as well. I’ve heard some amazing holiday material from local fellow song writers, yet the classics remain. They seem to act like time capsules, returning us to moments in time, be it childhood, first love, first Christmas as a married couple, or first time as a parent. With each new season, and each time we hear these songs, we’re drawn back to memories of families and friends. To me, that’s some of the best holiday magic around.

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