Excitement Builds

It seems that every spring, After a break from the stage, I worry that I won’t remember how to engage the audience, or that my new songs won’t be enjoyed by the people who block out time from their busy lives so they can see me perform.  Every spring, I rediscover how I should stop worrying and just enjoy each moment, taking in the experiences as they come.

April is a busy month, and no two shows will be the same, and I couldn’t be happier!  First, a few singer-songwriters will be sharing the stage with me on April 10th.  One of those folks happens to be Bobby Pennock, who headlined my first big show.  

Next, April 11th, Tim Foote and I will do two sets each, covering a range of genres and topics.  

Lastly, one of my songs was selected for a local songwriting contest.  A few singer-songwriters and I will be showcasing our original music, including a debut performance  of our winning songs, before a headliner takes the stage.

The venues range from intimate cafe performances, to a golf club, to a private, upscale venue with top notch  sound, scattered around SouthEast Michigan.  

I’m reaching out to venues further afield than in the past, and already have a busy market season booked.  I can’t wait to share all of my new music with you, along with favorites from past seasons!

1.  4/10/15 – Fellows Creek Golf Club, Canton, MI

  • Show starts at 7 pm
  • Tickets $10, 8 in advance
  • 734-728-1300 x 5 or JLeBlanc@fellowscreekgolf.com for advanced purchase at $2 off
  • Includes light buffet

2.  4/11/15 – Tongues Coffee, Wyandotte, MI

  • 7 – 10 pm
  • No tickets, but tips are encouraged

3.  4/25/15 – Black Crystal Cafe, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Guest registration and advanced ticket purchase required. This show will be sold out, no door sales, sorry.
  • Tickets available through Black Crystal Cafe
  • Includes free appetizers, drinks (house blend coffee, alcohol, etc.) and entertainment.
  • This is upscale, dress for a night out focused on the music.  Makes  for a great date night.
  • Public debut of brand new, prize winning songs is part of the experience
  • Note:  This is a serious listening room, so please leave electronic devices muted and out of site.

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