Catching you up…

So, I’ve been away from my blog for about a month and a half, and quite a bit has been going on, both musically, and in life.

My poor wife ended up in he hospital for a week, following a major allergic reaction to some food, and asthma related complications.  I spent most of my free time with her, trying to keep her spirits up, shuttling her guide dog out and back, and entertaining as much as I could.  Once released, Dawn pressed on, determined to stay on task and not be derailed.

Shortly after her release, Dawn retired her guide dog, Baskin, roughly three weeks ago now, and he became my pet.  His last day of work brought Dawn to the airport as she headed to California for training with a new guide dog.

While she was away, my daughter was gone for various events, leaving a mostly empty house with just my son and I.  I took the time I didn’t really have to sand and refinish my hardwood flooring in the living and dining rooms and the main hallway.  


 The master bedroom had to be treated differently, both due to the excessive damage to the flooring, and due to Dawn’s asthma and allergies.  Though many wince, I installed a barrier over the hardwood, and laminate flooring with padding over that.

I missed the deadline, so Dawn returned to piles of stuff everywhere, and no furniture returned to the main areas of the house.  The bedroom was at least useable though.

Anyway, so that was tackled while she was gone, and we just had a songwriter showcase last Wednesday.  10 musicians in groups of 5, performing in the round.  It was a major blast!  I was running sound for the event as well as performing, so hands were full, as was my car.  

Today, I just returned from a farmer’s market show.  A very different animal, indeed.  It’s more laid back, with wonderful vendors that I’ve come to know, rather than a large group of folks that don’t know me, but expect to receive a great show.

My songwriting has been on hold, for the most part, while I tackle all the household tasks, but I’m hoping to get back to both the writing and recording once everything has been put back in its place.

Now that I’m back on track for the most part, the shows are coming more frequently.  Next weekend is another market, in Highland, then the 5th has me at the Plymouth Coffee Bean.  More dates to be announced.  

Talk to you soon!

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