Summer’s Officially Winding Down

Funny how different things mark he passing of time.  For some, it’s dates on a calendar, for others, it’s birthdays or anniversaries.  For me, it’s certain shows.

My first outdoor market tells me spring has truly sprung, my last tells me that fall’s on its way.  My Annual Christmas shows have become a tradition that tells me I had best get some presents ticked off my list before I’m considered a dead man, and so it goes.

This year, I was so busy with life, my day job, family transitions, and performing that I never really stopped to enjoy my summer.  Tomorrow marks my final outdoor show of the season, and I haven’t gone camping, boating, or even sat at a park.  It’s bittersweet, but the weather hasn’t completely turned just yet.  I think tomorrow I’m going to bbq some market fresh goodies, and go canoeing on Sunday, baring any more emergencies.

How do you mark the passing of time?  What did you do, or wish you had this summer, or are you already hitting the cider mills?  I suppose I’ll be hitting the cider mills and corn mazes before too long myself.  Best wishes as we turn the page on another summer.

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