Changing Gears

Different venues offer varied performances, my summers feature a lot of outdoor performances, and with the fall comes a shift to indoor shows.  For me, it also means a lot of co-billed or multi-performer shows, which adds a different dynamic.

sharing the stage with Laura Belliston

What’s most unusual for me is returning to the same city three times in about two months, with the last two having back to back dates just down the road from one another.  All these changes call for a different presentation, several different set lists, and a bit of research into the kind of music being performed by others, as well as the kinds of people I’ll be working with.  By taking a little time tayloring my performance, I can hopefully enhance each evening’s experience for the audience, and hopefully entice them out for a second or third time. After all, recycling the same songs and banter just won’t cut it when people have already heard it recently.

Show dates 9/26 and 11/28 with Tim Foote. 11/27 is just up the road, too.

Fortunately, I’ve written a lot of songs, and enjoy performing quite a varied repertoire of cover songs.  Unfortunately. My memory is terrible.  For me, the extra effort will be spent on memorization and song selection.

What’s your approach when playing several shows in close proximity and time?  Any recommendations or warnings for me?

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