Trying To Stay Afloat

It’s not secret that the music industry is in turmoil.  Sometimes, it’s easy to look at the elite in the industry, and assume that everyone is doing just as well.  As a performing singer-songwriter, barely clinging to the bottom rung of a long ladder, let’s just say that things are very different on this end.  That said, I love to write songs, I love to create, and I love to share my music with anyone who will listen.  The problem isn’t the need for a day job to stay afloat, as that’s just life.  

The problem is that a day job that gives me time to write and perform doesn’t provide the resources for studio time, set constrction for videos, session musicians, and cd production.  A job that did, wouldn’t leave me with time to actually write, rehearse or perform.  I’ve been told time and again phrases that are both inspiring and frustrating.  Things like, “Do you have a cd available? ” and  “We’ll gladly give your songs airplay, but the songs have to be mastered”.  Just mastering runs in the realm of $500 per album, and this in a time when most people don’t buy cd’s.

People want quality content, and I would love to provide it.  I strive to produce even acoustic demos that are as good as I am capable of, from my home studio.   In order to release consistent better content, I’m reaching out to those who truly enjoy my music and would like to have more of it recorded.  You can become my patron, at whatever level you want.  It all goes towards producing better quality releases, and I’ll be including various rewards at different contribution tiers. 


How does patronage work?  It’s really easy, and an old system with a modern twist.  Basically, you agree to support my music  by contributing monthly, at $x per song, and can cap how much you contribute as a monthly total so you don’t go over budget when I sign on for songwriting challenges.  In exchange, I record acoustic demos, and as I’m able, fully arranged recordings, song lyrics, tutorials on how to play my songs, do google hangouts, and private patron online concerts, etc. and there is a steady stream of communication between patrons and I.  All this is made possible through the work of, who have come up with a way to save artists when unit sales of our art forms has all but died.

Interested in checking it out, and maybe signing up?  Head on over to my Patreon page.  I’ll be adding reward content as quickly as I am able.  If you are a creator, be it music, graphic design, comic, poet, writer, etc., Patreon might be for you as well.  Thanks for stopping by.  

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