Festivities and Positivity


Long overdue, what with the chaos of life and all, but I wanted to touch base and wish you all a joyous holiday season, no matter your tradition or absense of one.  

Being a musician, I’m always torn this time of year. I enjoy the music, and start rehearsing well in advance of December, but really wish the commercial aspect of the holiday coil hold off until the other holidays were filed away under happy memories.  I make it a habit to abstain from the various once in a lifetimes sales events like Black Friday, and cyber Monday, and try to focus on what really matters to me.  Friends, family, music and a general holiday spirit.

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year, though to some looking in from the outside, it would be easy to focus on the negatives.  Despite lower income, poor health, etc, our family has each other, a roof, heat, lighting, and food.  I’m blessed in that we have a circle of people that look out for one another, and are generally positive and uplifting.


It can be easy to focus on the darkness, depression, anxiety, loss and more this time of year.  Don’t keep it inside.  Talk to someone, anyone.  Find a way to exorcise those feelings and make room for brightness and inner light to shine.

I share that happiness largely through song, but however you choose, find a way to brighten someone’s day, whether with a simple smile, compliment, pay it forward in some small way.  These tiny acts of kindness lift us all.

If you have younger children, and you happen to be in the Highland, MI area next Saturday, from 10 am- noon Santa will be at the Apollo Center, along with crafts, smores, hot chocolate, a candy cane hunt, story time, face painting, etc.  It’s relatively inexpensive, which is a bonus this time of year, and the kids really seem to love it.  I’ll be playing holiday music, so if you pop in, feel free to swing on over and say hi.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season,


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