EP planning

So, last week, I wrote of my album planning progress, and touched briefly on a few EP project ideas.  Not one to do things in half measures, I’ve been nailing down the details on an EP centered around Joss Whedon’s short lived, but much loved space western, Firefly.

Last February, I wrote initial drafts for five songs ranging from ballads to driving foot stompers and everything in between.   While the five songs were good, they needed some tweaking and refinement.  I didn’t have what I felt would make a great title track, either.

This week I began the editing, and wrote that title track, Browncoat’s Lament, bringing the tentative track count to six, and leaving me with some wiggle room to drop one from the list if it didn’t hold up as well as the rest.

I’m planning a live streamed concert in a few weeks, featuring the six planned songs, and likely a couple of tunes from the show.  All proceeds from that are likely getting dumped into paying session musicians for the EP.  I’ve already got a dobro player, mandolin player, drummer and a backup vocalist or two in mind, and I’m pondering a fiddler to really give it that Firefly vibe.  

In the meantime, I’ve been relistening to my old raw one-take demos, and the new one, and editing them into fighting shape.  I’ll be doing a more polished, minimal production demo for early release soon to help fund the final version.

So, is your coat a brownish color?

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