Making A List, Checking It Twice

Ramping up my online presence, unifying and branding my content across various platforms, and generating content that is both higher in caliber and in regularity. Let’s just say it’s a lot of time and effort not spent making music.

I’ve sort of had a Patreon account for several months, but did utilize it much, or generate much content for it.  I fell off the YouTube bandwagon for a while, and was content releasing quick acoustic demos, rather than producing music for release.  I was spinning my wheels and didn’t really have a plan.

To correct this, I’ve taken the first part of 2016 off from performing.  I have made several checklists, and begun the process of fixing the many online gaps and irregularities.  Leading the charge, I added a website, which is an evolving work in progress, updates to my Patreon page including my latest single as an acoustic solo video, and various rewards for patrons of different levels.

I’ve been trying to be more diligent with Twitter, and updating the more easily ignored  tools, like reverbnation.  With a single recorded with several parts, and released for sale on Nimbit, and streamable from my website.  With each new piece added and checked off the list, things slowly come together.

The big areas that are still lacking are a unifying logo, more photography and graphics to use across various platforms as a shared theme, and a lot more recording.  It’s almost time to get back to rehearsing, as well.  With all the computer work ahead, I’m really going to appreciate the stage this summer.

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