Streaming Themes

So, last weekend I had the online Firefly themed concert.  It was both different and the same.  

Having Dave Falk join me really enhanced the dynamic, and audience participation seemed largely dedicated to cracking me up with quotes from the show, which was awesome.
Lessons I’ve learned from this show include 5 guitars in a tight space is nuts, when the question “do I need dobro on this” arises, the answer is pretty universally yes for my style of music, and having friends and fans who get your crazy makes life worth sticking around for.

Joss Whedon gave birth to Firefly, and the amazing cast, crew, set designers, builders, etc breathed life into that dream.  The fans of this show really are amazing, and I can only hope to do them proud as the EP gets closer to completion.

Here’s a clip from the live stream, featuring Dave on a dobro solo: 

No Power In The Verse

Stuart sings and plays guitar while Dave plays Dobro

Stuart and Dave tearing it up Firefly style


I won’t say doing this show makes us mighty, or big damn heroes, but it sure was a lot of fun, and gives me hope that the upcoming EP, Browncoat’s Lament, will find a home among the Firefly faithful.


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