Rolling With The Punches

Being a gigging musician, by definition, tends toward needing transportation.  Sometimes life has other plans, and this week seems to be one of those times.

With my primary vehicle down with multiple brake line cracks through corrosion and age, along with goofy electrical issues in the lighting, I resorted to an emergency backup car that was on its last legs before I mothballed it as a just in case option.  Unfortunately, those last legs are close to giving out without some major tlc.

No car = no work, and at present, almost no budget.  Since the show must go on, I get to be creative.  Basically, I get to take the pressure off the engine mount, take a bunch of pieces apart, hope that I can repair the crack in the engine’s timing chain cover well enough to hold until I can find a replacement part, and put it all back together.  

If it holds, I’m back on the road for a little while longer, while saving up for the primary vehicle’s repairs.  If I’m not so lucky, then I’m on an automotive scavenger hunt.  Wish me luck!

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