Lessons Learned and Preparation

For those following along from last week’s post, the transportation situation is still in flux, so booking shows farther afield is on hold at present.  That said, I’m doing all I can to make the shows that are closer to home really count.  Pulling out all the stops for some, and stripping other songs bear until the emotion bleeds out the speakers.

The other day, I sent off a note to fans asking what songs they’d really like to hear at an upcoming show.  I was really surprised by the answers.  As it turned out, people were asking for songs I hadn’t played in a few years.  Memories and kindness poured forth, and I took note.

I have a terrible/wonderful habit of  constantly writing new songs.  It means I have a steady stream of new material to present at shows, keeping things fresh, but it tends to drop songs out of rotation sooner or later.  In contrast, I don’t spend anywhere near as much time recording, so aside from a one-take acoustic demo for copywriter and memory purposes, most of my songs usually live in the live experience.

It seems I really need to spend more time in the studio, and giving the songs people love more attention, so they have something to hold on to when the show is over or their favorites drop off the set list for a while.

Either way, I’ll be putting those songs into the set list for the show on May 20th, at the Biddle Blend, in Wyandotte, MI, where there’s the added benefit of sharing the stage with No Sin In Eden.

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