Wow, it’s been a while.  Let’s see, the transportation issues have been resolved, and had a fairly busy schedule last summer.  I performed the Milan, MI singer-songwriter festival, entered the State Fair Superstar competition, finishing 6th overall, performed at various smaller events and markets, got to meet a ton of new people.

Once fall arrived, I stepped back a bit, reducing my show schedule considerably.  The reason?  A shift in employment that involved a considerable amount of training.  Now that the initial training phase is done, I’ve been ramping up the schedule again.

I’ve continued to write music, and make progress on my debut full length album.  The demo EP I put together last year did fairly well, and I now have another batch printed and ready to go.

Coming up some time in the next few weeks, I’ll be on a radio show in Monroe.  It was prerecorded, a few weeks back for an unsigned artist segment, and I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Some of the upcoming dates:

  • 6/9/17 – Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor, MI – w/ Sophia Avocado
  • 6/10/17 – CLM Fest, Cambridge, ON
  • 6/15/17 – Artisan Market, Milan, MI – w/ Robin Monterosso
  • 7/13/17 – LaFontaine Amphitheater, Milford MI – w/ Kari Lynch

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