All the things…

Ever feel like you're juggling a lot , trying to keep everything moving. Yup, that's me at the moment, and it's wonderful.

Let's see, I just finished opening for Kari Lynch and her band in Milford's Concert In The Park last Thursday, in front of 2000+ people, and landed in the Milford Times.

Next, I played the Milan Singer-Songwriter Festival on Saturday, sharing the stage with a ton of amazing performers. I was blessed to have John Finan play lead guitar and Clint Lavens on percussion.

It's a rare and special treat getting to perform with others. The first of two nights ended with an impromptu jam session, where we each took turns leading the group in a song. Lots of fun for everyone.

I'm in the middle of recording a new EP, Love Letters, and preparing for upcoming shows with vastly different set lists.

  • 7/29 @ JP McGuire's w/Taylor and Jason from 9pm-1am
  • 8/04 @ Brightmoor Artisan Market from 4pm-7pm
  • 8/05 @ Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea on Plymouth in Ann Arbor w/ Robin Monterosso from 7pm-9pm
  • 8/31-9/03 – Michigan State Fair Superstar Competition
  • Semi finals – Thursday/Friday 5pm-10pm
  • Finals – Saturday 5pm-10pm
  • Top 3 Final Concert Sunday evening

I'm also writing new material for 50/90 (a global songwriting challenge), and having just received word that I've advanced to the semi finals, I'm rehearsing like nobody's business for the State Fair Superstar competition.

All that, while dealing with family, friends, and the need to keep a Roof over our heads. It makes for some long days, but it's great to be making music and performing regularly again.

On that note, last night, I debuted my latest song at a local songwriter group meeting. Minor technical fumble with the Tonewood Amp magnets letting go aside, it turned out pretty well.

On the whole, a busy life is a happy life. Next up, completing some new merch designs, and recording more tracks for the EP.

Hope your summer's going well, and that you're making lots of memories.

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