Mentor Workshops

Sunday, August 13th was spent working with mentors and fellow semifinalists for the Michigan State Fair Superstar competition. Twelve of the thirteen semifinalist acts gathered at Pearl Sound Studio, in Canton, MI with the goal of being better prepared to not only advance in the competition, but also our musical journeys.

Each performer or group tore up a song they'll be using during the competition, going all out. Styles and genres varied wildly, and there was a good mix of ages, genders and backgrounds represented. Everything from Americana and pop to Motown and rock 'n roll, r 'n b, rap, and beyond is on tap.

To say I'm excited to hear what we're all going to get come show days is an understatement. The music's going to be powerful and moving from start to finish. The next round begins at 5pm on Thursday night, through 10pm, and resumes at 5pm Friday night, through to about 9:30pm. The top 5 come back Saturday for a half hour each, and the top three put on a full concert on Sunday the 3rd.

Having heard everyone deliver the goods all day, I honestly have no idea who's coming out on top. It's going to be extremely close, and the little bonus points we can pick up are going to be critical.

Bonus points are awarded by audience reactions going above a certain decibel value on a meter. The louder you cheer and clap and holler the better. Additionally, there is an app which you can use while at the state fairgrounds to vote with one or two thumbs up for your performer of choice.

CARROT Wellness by Marvel Apps, LLC

If you can make it out, I'd love to see you in the crowd and at the fair. My performance during the semifinals is on Friday the 1st of September, at 7:15 pm. I have some Fair passes to give away, so if you're able to make it, I can hook you up!

See you there!

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