The Follow-Up

With the State Fair behind me, and the results and judge feedback in from the Superstar competition, I thought I should take a moment to recap.

First off, how did I place in the standings? 8th, overall. So middle of the pack of semifinalists, and slightly farther back than last year’s 6th place finish. That’s still not bad though, considering the quality of me fellow competitors. Everyone brought their ‘A’ game, and the top 3 were beyond incredible.

Rashida Johnson placed 3rd with an outstanding semi and final showing. Al Bettis placed second this year, up from his 4th place finish last year, and was simply flawless. First place went to a truly polished band, that are already making a name for themselves.

The Gasoline Gypsies performed at a whole level beyond the rest of us. As the only true band in the competition, and with a solid foundation behind them, it showed. You simply can’t bring a group of musicians together, make a unified group in a few months, and expect to compete with that, yet that was the approach most people took. Few people performed as soloists, and it’s hard to match the energy of a band when that is attempted.

Despite that, all four days of superstar music was incredible, and the support from fans was outstanding. The behind the scenes work by volunteers, staff and judges that brought it all together as a seamless operation was fantastic.

I finished my Superstar run on Friday, September 1st, after receiving the news by email, but I wasn’t done with the fair. No Sin In Eden asked me to back them on the Community Stage on Sunday, where I played mandolin and percussion for them. I feel for the sound engineering crew, who lost their main gear due to a generator surge. They limped through the last three days of the fair, getting bands up and running by sheer force of will. I can only hope they were insured, as gear is not an inexpensive thing to replace.

So, with that done, what’s next? I’ve been performing a fair amount of shows, with plenty more on the horizon. I’m also going to be performing with No Sin In Eden more, with festivals in Trenton, and Tecumseh in the next few weeks. I’m still working the solo performances, but I’m also putting together a singer-songwriter trio, and reassessing my geeky side with a side project aimed at sci-fi conventions, rather than coffee houses.

It’s all early days, and pretty exciting. Recording is taking a front seat as I have a lot of material awaiting release across the board. My EP, Love Letters, my sci-fi EP/Album (still to be determined), and a Christmas EP are all actively in the works.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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